Qualities to Look for in a Real Estate Agent

Qualities to Look for in a Real Estate Agent

Your home is the single biggest asset most people will ever own when it comes time for buying it or selling it you need to work with a real estate agent that you can trust.  If you’re buying your first home then you want to get the best price possible and if you’re selling then you also want the best price possible.  If you know the right qualities to look for in a real estate agent then you will find someone with the right skills to help you accomplish your real estate goals.


Other skills can be learned but integrity is something different.  Integrity is based on your behaviour and you either have it or you don’t.  With potentially millions of dollars on the line, depending on your market and the transaction, on the line you want someone with a history of honesty.  You need your agent to tell you the truth about your home, the market and not just what you want to hear.  You need a realtor who represents you honestly and doesn’t lie or make false statements.


When it comes to serving the client a licensed real estate agent is obligated to put your interests first.  They have an obligation to protect your interests in regards to any offers and especially when it comes to personal information.  What that means in the real world is that they have to advise you on when the offer is good or bad.  They cannot reveal information about your situation that would affect the offers you receive on your home.  Their job is to market your house so you get the best price possible.

Negotiation Skills

This ties in nicely with the last point as well, real estate transactions are all about negotiations and negotiating is a skill.  They need to be able to listen and not just speak.  They need to convey to potential buyers the benefits that your house holds.  They need to know when and how to counter offer and when to recommend that you accept an offer.

Marketing Skills

You’re selling your house and marketing is absolutely everything.  Your real estate agent needs to know your market and how to get your house in front of potential buyers.  Marketing is more than taking a couple of pictures and listing on MLS, there needs to be everything from a pricing strategy to putting together an open house.